Kelly Cahill (Founder) is a 27 year old data scientist from Pittsburgh, PA. She started The KCCO during the COVID19 pandemic, as she found she finally had enough time on her hands to build her own business. She's been inspired by her mom's art work for years and has always been disappointed with majority of the women's swimwear on the market, so she wanted to set out to create something unique that women of all ages could love.  She loves using her business to explore her creative interests in design, modeling, and marketing. She's also passionate about fitness and loves dedicating herself to a healthy lifestyle while promoting body positivity to other women. 
Paula Cahill (Artist) is an accomplished artist from the Philadelphia area.  She holds a BFA from Temple University and an MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She loves to use abstract themes that integrate lines and the ocean into her work. Her work has been featured in many galleries and museums across the Philly/NYC area. You can learn more about her work at 
Commitment to sustainability and ethical labor 
The Kelly Cahill Collection prides itself on using recycled fabrics when possible, all recyclable shipping materials, and only working with ethical manufacturers that offer safe and sustainable working environments.